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Cedar Waxwings as well as a (considered invasive) Starling are feasting on the berries of the Oriental Bittersweet, considered an invasive non-native plant as it wraps around an Amur Maple. With berry plants such as these now able to survive the harsh winters of Minnesota, they supply winter food for many birds that are being seen more and more as they survive on these new invasive plants.

Birds are an effective means of seed disbursal. When birds fly from areas landscaped with non-native plant species into native plant habitats for food and shelter, they often carry inside them the seeds of non-native plants. Once the birds release the seeds, they sprout and grow quickly. Often the non-native plants grow and spread more quickly than the native plants. Eventually, the native plants are choked out. This is one of the reasons many natural areas are over run with invasive, non-native plants such as Oriental Bittersweet, also seen is the meadow knapweed.

As one looks further down the piece we see a variety of (invasive) species all weaving together. The list includes, eurasian ruffe, sea lamprey, silver sarp, skipjack, zebra mussels, rusty crayfish, round goby, faucet snails, eurasian watermilfoil, non-native water lilies.
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Try The Tydes
Try The Tydes
cut paper & acrylic on wall
92" x 54"