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Minneapolis, MN artist Sonja Peterson creates large-scale artworks, sculptures and installations from complex and intricately cut paper. Her current exhibition at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Sonja Peterson: What the Trade Winds Brought, is on view now through September 11, 2022. In this exhibition, Peterson has created enchanting and entangled worlds where flora, fauna, and the history of travelers above and below the world’s waters come to life in extraordinary and unexpected ways.

Peterson considers artmaking an opportunity to learn, unlearn, and relearn the world around her. “I love reading about times of exploration, but to then dig deeper and uncover the unwritten or dismissed histories that run parallel to easily accessible written history,” says Peterson. Working in her studio, she often listens to audio books, which feeds her visual imagination. “I am interested in finding seen and unseen parallels in multiple notions of descriptive words such as ‘migration/immigration,’ ‘exotic/invasive’ and ‘native/passive.’”